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para toda la vida...

FARO para toda la vida is a company dedicated to the promotion, design and online trade of fine jewellery made with lab-created precious stones, being the moissanite our main star product (and our obsession!)

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Moissanite is the name of the mineral form of SiC and it shines and sparks more than any traditional precious stone (including diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald) and its hardness (resistance to scratch) is only second to that of diamond, 9.25 in Mohs’ scale and superior to any other gemstone, with excellent toughness (resistant to impacts).

Moissanite’s durability and beauty makes it an ideal choice for its use in fine jewelry for both daily wear (like engagement rings) and special occasions.

Indeed, moissanite outperforms diamond in the three optical properties that establish its beauty. With a greater refraction index, more luster and greater dispersion, moissanites have unbeatable shine and hypnotizing white and rainbow colored sparks, making it not only a great alternative to diamond but a feared competitor – this explains why you haven’t heard much about it.

Even the discoverer of Moissanites, Nobel Prize-winning French chemist Henri Moissan, and expert jewelers have mistaken the moissanite with diamond. These two astonishing stones, moissanites and diamonds, share undeniable similarities, both in beauty and durability. So is that, that even traditional diamond testers using only thermic conductivity for screening confuse moissanites with diamonds. This has led to several cases of fraud, where a moissanite was sold as if it was a diamond with the price tag of a natural diamond. Luckily, there are more and more companies across the world that are selling moissanite for what it is, a beautiful gemstone, extremely rare in nature and with its own singularities. And we are one of them!

The beauty of lab-created moissanites along with an affordable price and an ethical source, are the main reasons why moissanite – still unknown to many people in Europe- has altered permanently the market of colourless stones (diamond, CZ) in many countries (i.e. United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, China and India), where it has been gaining market share for the last twenty years, becoming the first choice for engagement rings for more and more people every day.

The reasons for it are obvious: for a fixed budget, you will get bigger stones with no inclusions, excellent cut and durability and an unbeatable shine that will last forever (para toda la vida).

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce beautiful, affordable, ethical and durable high quality dream jewellery that will last for a lifetime.

In FARO, we are absolutely confident and proud of the moissanites and lab-created stones we sell, and we are very excited to get people to know them and sell them with full transparency to clients. And we do so because we have no doubt that lab-created stones are better; it means more impressive jewellery, better quality gemstones, less wars, less environmental impact and more money in your pocket. It’s not too good to be true; it’s technology!

The love of your life, a new granddaughter, your graduation, your wedding… These are special moments in everyone’s life that we traditionally mark with an equally special piece of jewellery that we will wear for years like a second skin, or like a tattoo of beautiful shine that will always reminds us of moments of joy and prosperity.  We want our jewelry to witness and be part of the key moments of your life. Because our jewellery is for people that love unconditionally, for a lifetime. And thereof our motto, in Spanish, para toda la vida (for the rest of our lives).

To make dream jewellery possible for a bigger audience, FARO jewellery is sold exclusively online. This allows us to reach more people and minimize our costs, which turns into lower prices for the final customer.

Our commitment with quality

Moissanites used in jewellery are created in laboratories outside Europe, with its main production hubs located in United States, Australia, China, India and other Asian countries. Charles and Colvard is the pioneering company who initiated the production of gem quality moissanites back in 1997 and remains the best-known manufacturer globally.

Even before the foundation of the company, we have been studying and certifying lab-created moissanites and precious stones from some of the most reputed providers across the world. As part of this study, we have certified stones of different manufacturers, colours and shapes. After careful analysis of all the information gathered, we have selected the providers who consistently provided stones with best quality. FaroGems is the name we give to our selection of stones.

As moissanites, and lab-created stones in general, are the result of a technological process and technology improves, we must, and we will, continue our selective analysis to provide you always the best product.

When it comes to our designs, we believe that investing in recycled solid gold and platinum, and elegant and timeless designs, contributes to more responsible consumption, less waste and make our jewellery real partners for life for whoever receives them. 

Excellence in customer service

Along with top quality, offering an excellent customer service is our top priority. We want your shopping experience to be impeccable, from browsing our online catalog, communicating with our support team, shipping partners to after-market support.

For this reason, to simulate the experience that you would have in a physical store, we offer ourselves to send you pictures or videos of the jewellery you like under different lighting, so that you have as much information as possible before doing your purchase.

Once purchased, you have 14 days to return it and we will reimburse you the whole price at no additional cost, given that the returned piece comes in its original packaging, it is in perfect condition and with no signs of wear.

If you keep your purchase, your new piece of jewellery will be covered with a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing or hidden defect on both the metal and the stones.

Thank you for your trust in us.