When you have a specific design in mind but can’t seem to find it, custom jewelry is the solution.

For you, we offer a creative Custom Jewelry Design Service that will allow you to have your dream jewelry with exceptional quality.

Keep reading to understand how it works.

First step. Specifications

Send an email to info@farogems.com telling us about your project.

Your inquiry should include the following details:

  • Type of jewelry. Earrings, ring, bracelet or necklace.
  • Design. We need a detailed description of the design you like or photos with examples that can serve as inspiration. *Please note that WE DO NOT accept requests to copy items that are protected by patents and/or copyrights. Concepts submitted must be your unique design(s) or variations of multiple designs.
  • Metal. We only do fine jewelry of the highest quality. For this reason, we only work with the following alloys:
    • 18K solid white gold
    • 18K solid yellow gold
    • 18K solid rose gold
    • Solid platinum 950
  • Measure:
    • For rings, please let us know the size of the finger on which you will wear it. If you are not sure about your size or how to measure it, please let us know and we will guide you through the process.
    • For necklaces, please let us know your preferences of chain length
    • For bracelets, please let us know which length you need
  • Gems. We offer a selection of the best lab-created gemstones, including:
    • Moissanite (the best alternative to diamond or, simply, better than diamond)
    • Emerald
    • Ruby
    • Sapphire
  • Stone shape/cut of center and side stones, if any. Examples:
    • Round – Brilliant / Portuguese, etc.
    • Oval – Brilliant / Crushed ice, etc.
    • Cushion
    • Princess
    • Radiant
    • Emerald
    • Marquise
    • Pear
    • Others
  • Stone size, in mm or carats

Second step. Design.

With the information provided, we will proceed to make a sketch of the design. This sketch is usually first done by hand in order to speed up the discussion. This step helps us estimate the price of stones and labor.

In addition, 3D modeling can be performed for large or complex pieces to accurately determine the grams of gold or platinum required.

Third step. Quote and payment.

A quote will be provided based on the custom specifications per your request. The quote will also include state taxes and shipping cost, if applicable.

If you agree with the information provided, then our representative will advise you on the next steps, along with payment options.

Accepted payment methods include:

  • Bank transfer of the full amount, or
  •  Paypal

Aspects that can make a design more expensive:

  • Use of platinum. On the positive side, it requires no maintenance. White gold, instead, is more convenient but requires plating every few years.
  • Designs with two or more shades of gold.
  • Pieces with numerous stones and pave.
  • Large or complex designs make the 3D model more expensive and often require design tweaks until we get a perfect result during production phase.
  • Very large gems and/or custom cuts (OEC, WTO, Portuguese, others).

Step four. Selection of stones (optional).

A differentiating aspect of our brand is our selection of lab-created gemstones, FaroGems (registered trademark).  By default, all the stones we use in our jewelry have been previously selected.

As with naturally occurring gems, there are also important quality differences in ethically created gems in laboratories.

FaroGems Moissanites

By default, we select moissanites of great quality and color E-G, without inclusions and excellent cut.

In addition, we can accommodate to your requests to help you get the effect you are looking for in your dream jewelry. For example, if you want a particular stone from certain provider or are looking for certain effect, during this phase, we will share images of the pre-selected stones with you for verification and final selection.

In the case of choosing a stone of lower or higher price than estimated in the quote, you will be informed so that you can make the appropriate decision.

As an additional service, we offer certificates issued by independent gemological institutes, confirming the quality of our selection.

Important: Today, our best certified colorless moissanites have E color on the diamond scale. It is possible that these stones are recognized as color D by less strict institutes. All our stones belong to DEF group in the moissanite color scale.

Fifth step. Design and production.

During the first week, we generate a detailed 3D model that is shared with you before proceeding to manufacturing. This model is focused on the metal structure of the piece.

Once the 3D model is accepted, the main structure of the piece is produced. This process might take up to a week.

The following week is dedicated to the finishing processes (polishing, rhodium coating in the case of white gold) and the setting of the stones. It might occur that we must wait for the final selection of the stones or external certification, if requested.

Finally, the mandatory gold or platinum hallmarks are engraved.

All our jewelry is made in Spain from beginning to end. Depending on the piece, production phase might take 2 to 5 weeks.

Step six. Quality controls.

Before leaving the workshop, your custom piece is reviewed and, whenever possible, photos and videos are shared with you to confirm that everything is as per your expectations. Your piece of jewelry is then subject to a last quality control right before shipping.

When we have certainty that everything is good, we proceed to the final professional cleaning, packaging and shipping.

Step seven. Packaging and shipping.

Each piece of jewelry is stored in a hard jewelry case suitable for transportation and storage. The jewelry case is protected by a cardboard box wrapped as a present. Included is a polishing cloth and the card that acts both as a guarantee and certificate of authenticity. In some cases, certificates provided by the manufacturer are also included (for example, if it is a Charles & Colvard moissanite).  Independent certificates are also included if you contracted that service.

For safety reasons, your jewelry will be transported in an anonymous cardboard box. Inside you will find your jewelry, packaged and protected by abundant filling material so that your jewelry arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Once the jewel is in your hands

Generally, we do not accept returns of custom jewelry that have been made following your specifications. If something is not as per agreed specifications, then we will assume responsibility and provide you with a solution.

Once the piece of jewelry is received and compliance with specifications is confirmed, you have a two-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects or problems with the gemstone, that are not related to wear and tear or misuse of the jewelry. In the unlikely event that you have any problems or have any questions about the condition or maintenance of your jewelry, please contact customercare@farogems.com

Thank you for trusting us.